Gli esterni


Il soggiorno


Angiolina’s Garden

 All enchantresses and also Angiolina have a secret corner where they grow herbs, a garden that Angiolina wants to share with her guests.

Relax on the chaise longue, on the deckchairs, enjoy the beautiful view, listen to the wind that blows through leaves and trees and enjoy the silence of the nature full of whispers and twitters.

Sometimes an easy chat with friends in a natural scenario is what makes life better.

Il Giardino de La Maga del Lago

 Il Tinello

Il Giardino de La Maga del Lago

 It is little and cozy, the living room welcomes you with the warmth that only a friendly home can give. The air is full of fragrant aromas when Angiolina cooks her beneficial potions in the elegant chimney. Come near, sit down, relax and you will hear the boiling cauldron.

Take place in the elegant round table to enjoy a nutrient and healthy breakfast.

 The Rooms


There are 4 refined modern chic rooms, all are new and well furnished. They have a private bathroom with a big glass shower, towels and hairdryer. All rooms have TV and free WI-FI. Accessible for disabled people.

Four different colours give the name to the rooms of the B&B La Maga del Lago. They are divided in two floors. From each window you can enjoy the nature of the Lake of Scanno and the mountains of the Abruzzo National Park.


 La Maga Bianca (the white enchantress)

It is big and imposing. This room is an explosion of light and this is emphasized by the pure white of all furnishings and by the mischievous mirror on the bed. It’s a pearl colored by the mountains and by the heart shaped lake.


Il Giardino de La Maga del Lago

 La Maga Gialla (the yellow enchantress)

It is cozy and hospitable. The yellow enchantress embraces you during the sunset. Let the enchantress cuddle and warm you. You will have the sensation to be absorbed by the sun and water.

Il Giardino de La Maga del Lago

 La Maga Rossa (the red enchantress)

It has the passion colour and it is lighted by the first morning sun. The red enchantress is waiting for you to fulfill all your dreams! The curtains, the bedcover, the red details will give you the sensation to be inside a private alcove.

Il Giardino de La Maga del Lago

La Maga Arancione (the orange enchantress)

It is ethnic and dynamic, the orange enchantress is the ideal place for those who want to explore and taste life. It is comfortable and minimal and is waiting for you to give you a corner of paradise… a delightful private little terrace that opens the space to the horizon!


Il Giardino de La Maga del Lago